A Christmas Tale...from Broken to Beautiful

Many tales have been told about the origins of the beloved Christmas hymn “Silent Night”. 

One that I especially enjoy is….

On Christmas Eve in 1818
A blizzard stranded the tiny village of Ogledorf
Nestled in the Austrian mountains
That same day the people of St. Nicholas' church found their organ broken
So the priest and organist began composing a song that could be sung without
An organ yet beautiful enough to express their Christmas joy
All day and all night long they worked
And at midnight the gentle carol Silent Night was born
The pure clear tones echoed through the hills
And the world has been captured by the beauty of that simple song ever since.

- Kelly Clarkson

Knowing the history of how a song was written stirs up certain emotions when you hear or sing the words.  You have a depth of understanding and it results in it being a true and personal declaration.  The words to “Silent Night” in its simplicity brings me to the night of our Savior’s birth, it paints the night with color that makes me see it in blues and browns, and a little gold.  It’s a carol that I don’t get tired of hearing. The sweetness of the tune encourages me to have a thankful heart.  And I am thankful, I am thankful that God sent his son, through a baby.  I am thankful that Christs’ story began in a simple and pure way.  He didn’t arrive on a cloud, he didn’t have an orchestra of instruments announcing the birth. No, he came like you and like me, on a silent night

Silent night, holy night,
all is calm, all is bright
round yon virgin mother and child.
Holy infant, so tender and mild,
sleep in heavenly peace,
sleep in heavenly peace.

How amazing it is that we serve a God that understands what we need.  He knows when to speak loudly and knows when a whisper will do.  And in that manger, I believe that God was whispering….

What plans I have for you my child, what mountains you will move.  You will be a great teacher that will lead those that long for a savior, conquering the sin of the earth, giving hope and eternity to those who believe.  But for now… Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace. 

Merry Christmas! 

-Emily L.