Emilio Ramos

Emilio lives in Meriden with his wife, Jessica, and his cat, Optimus Prime. Emilio attended Westfield State University in Massachusetts. He is currently a dispatch manager, and a self-proclaimed, part-time ninja.


What inspires you to work with youth?
There is so much untapped potential in our youth. For me to be able to help them in their spiritual growth and help them learn what those gifts are and use them for the glory of the Lord is a special honor for me. It's so important for our youth to have someone who can mentor, teach, and have someone in their corner to root for them in every step of their walk and their growth as a young Christian.

What is something you like doing in your spare time?
I'm a HUGE comic book aficionado, which basically means I'm a nerd. I collect anything superhero or geek related from comic books to action figures.